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At sharingcultures, we believe that many problems in the world can be attributed to cultural differences and a lack of understanding of, or respect for, the particular worldviews of others. Culture is not just about art, food, or other material things. A culture can be considered a system that has enabled a group of people to survive and flourish in their particular environment. It involves a people’s underlying beliefs, values, and perspectives passed on through generations, in addition to the obvious aspects such as language, clothes, religion, etc.


We are convinced that fostering communication between people from different cultures and educating ourselves about culture are critical steps for a peaceful world. However, much communication is taking place in ways that further separate us. Our aim is to provide a safe, engaging community with the most comprehensive resources to enable us to truly understand our shared humanity.


Our community provides a variety of resources to help us learn about culture, including research, discussion groups, blogs, reviews, teaching resources, and other information. Let us respect our diversity and connect in a meaningful way.


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